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Wednesday is the best work at home day

Wednesday is your best choice if you’re negotiating for a specific work at home day. So says Laura Vanderkam, writing in Fast Company.

Workdesign Now’s 2014 projects

Workdesign Now announced its top three 2014 Work Design NOW projects. This annual research series, sponsored by Haworth, brings together industry practitioners to explore the goals, challenges, issues, and solutions driving modern workplace design. The top three:

Our next office will be a park

At a recent ideas competition, architecture firm Juhyunkim Architecture PC, unveiled their idea for a workplace in a park. 

Mercer survey looks at flexible work arrangements in US and Canada: Canadian companies slightly more flexible

According to Mercer’s 2013/2014 Compensation Policies and Practices surveys for Canada and the US, many companies are still reluctant to implement flexible work arrangements. Mercer conducted the biennial survey from 331 Canadian and 548 US organizations in late 2013.

Mobility Progress Report: Are U.S.Federal Agencies Passing the Test?

According to new research by the Mobile Work Exchange, Federal agencies are scoring somewhere between B+ and B- in their ability to expand telework and mobility options at their agencies.

New book: The Smarter Working Manifesto

Authors Philip Vanhoutte and Guy Clapperton talk to experts, practitioners, managers, and academics, to arrive at best practices for higher productivity and a happier workforce. 

A majority of Americans favor flex work

A majority of Americans (89%) feel employers should try to offer workers flexibility to meet their families' needs, so long as the work gets done.  Over half (52%) of U.S.

Is this the world’s biggest desk?

Check out this huge, undulating desk setup at the Barbarian Group, a New York-based creative firm. Crafted from 4,400 square feet of plywood, MDF, plate steel, and a poured resin top (think surfboard material), the desk is so big that the entire staff— all 125 employees — have a place to sit and work. 

Six in ten Americans work while on vacation, survey finds

According to a survey by Glassdoor, the average American worker only takes half of earned vacation/paid time off and 61% report working while on vacation. 

Cool cubes

Looking for design inspiration? Check out this slide show from Inc. Magazine. It features workstations, pods, domes, and mobile workplaces that are definitely out of the ordinary. Inc asks, “Is this the future of work?”

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