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October is National Work & Family Month

The goal of the National Work & Family Month is to encourage employers to think strategically about family-friendly policies and work-life benefits such as workplace flexibility, health and wellness, dependent care, community involvement, organizational culture, financial security, and paid and unpaid time off to attract, motivate and retain a talented workforce.

Optimaze gives iPads to new ACTIVE customers

Optimaze is giving each new ACTIVE customer a free iPad to use with its software. ACTIVE is an easy-to-use software solution that helps capture space utilization data and creates automated reports. If you are a facilities professional who needs accurate data about actual space utilization, check out ACTIVE.

Quick flick: The Modern Office with Christina Hendricks

TV's  Christina Hendricks visits a modern office in the persona of Mad Men’s sixties secretary Joan Holloway. Watch this short video to see what’s new and confusing in the workplace. 

Productivity tip: Take long breaks

According to the makers of DeskTime — software that tracks how much time workers spend at their computer doing everything from working on spreadsheets to watching pet videos — highly productive workers work intensively for nearly an hour and then take a longish break. 

Good reading: The Chair

The Chair: Rethinking Culture, Body, and Design, by Dr. Galen Cranz, traces the history of the chair and argues for better design that pays attention to what the body needs. 

Quiz: The new office glossary

Test your knowledge of the latest office terminology: sardine rage, casual collisions, cube farms, hotelling, action office, hot desking and more. Is “sound masking” the latest Halloween costume for your iPod? Is “pink noise” a sound emitted by baby girls in their cribs? Is an “intelligent workspace” a contradiction in terms?

Infographic: Remote worker behavior

A recent study of remote workers by ConnectSolutions found that teleworkers spend more of their day working than they would if they were in the office. Of the respondents, 75% said they work at least a half hour more on days when they work remote, than on days when they’re in the office.

Recommended online reading: Work&Place magazine

Check out the September issue of Work&Place, published by Occupiers Journal.

Open Seats for Paris Symposium

There are still a few seats left for our symposium in Paris, Sept. 28-October 1, 2014. Participation is free for NewWOW members. The non-member fee is $1,850. Click for more information or to register. 

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