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Swings: Conference room seating for the active office

Red Frog, an event production company headquartered in Chicago, has taken the active office to new heights. One of their conference rooms employs swings for seats, another is built of legos. The space also features a climbing wall, foosball tables, indoor trikes, a slide, and even a zip line.

Quiz: The future office

CNN ponders the question: “What will the office of the future look like?” and offers a quiz to help readers/viewers foresee the workplace of tomorrow. 

SAMPLE QUESTION. What will your office look like?

Workplace trends 2015 – Prediction #1: Homier offices

It’s that time of the year again: The time when pundits and gurus predict the future. We’re collecting workplace predictions showing what’s in store for next year. 

Infographic: What will professionals give up for work-life balance?

A recent Citi/LinkedIn survey explored the career and financial concerns of business professionals in the U.S. 

Pajamas in the news

Two recent studies shed light on work at home attire. 

Living in 2014 and Working in 1975 – a webinar with Jacob Morgan

Organizations strive to keep pace with rapidly changing technology and work practices. At home, employees build social communities, interact in real-time, and communicate with total flexibility. At work, they struggle to collaborate easily and efficiently and end up bringing their own technology into the workplace, whether IT supports it or not. 

Lingo watch: Supertasker

Cisco has invented a new term – “supertasking” – to describe successful multitaskers. Defined in a recent Cisco report, “a Supertasker is one who can successfully do two or more things at once (e.g.

NewWOW welcomes SMART Technologies Inc. to the Network

NewWOW is happy to welcome SMART Technologies Inc. as a new corporate member. SMART is a world leader in collaboration solutions and a leading global provider of interactive displays. The company’s corporate headquarters are in Calgary, Canada. SMART has approximately 1,000 staff around the world.  

WeBike: Exercise bike desk charges your tech stuff while you pedal

WeBike pedal desks let workers charge their cell phones and laptops while pedaling gently. A 30-minute pedal session will fully charge your smart phone and keep you fit. An interactive LED display tracks how much electrical power you generate.

Infographic: What does a productive home office look like?

This infographic from Tinyprints lists some of the advantages of working at home but concentrates on how to set up a home office to increase your creativity and focus. A few essentials: 

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