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Prediction #8: Offices will be quieter

CIPHR blogger Barry Chignell predicts a growth in flexible working, reducing the number of employees in offices.

Survey: 7 in 10 U.S. workers frequently come to the office when feeling sick

Presenteeism, going to work when sick, continues to plague the workplace, according to a new survey of U.S. professionals by OfficeTeam, a staffing service firm.

NewWOW welcomes new members: RTKL and Xcel Energy

New Ways of Working is happy to welcome two new corporate members to our Network: RTKL and Xcel Energy

Prediction #7: Focus on focus work

Jan Johnson of Allsteel says people will be talking about how to support focus work. 

Pantone color of the year for 2014: Radiant orchid

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, described the color as “an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones" that "inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health." 

Infographic: The State of Workplace Productivity Report

Cornerstone OnDemand, a software firm that provides cloud-based talent management and other HR functions, released the results of its State of the Workplace Report last November. It was based on an online survey of employed Americans.

Prediction #6: Measuring devices will track every action office workers perform from logon to logoff

According to Clint Rule at Frog Design, the “quanitified self at the office” will track how, when and where you spend your time at work. The results will be captured in timesheets, project status, and management dashboards. “Expect debates about privacy rights and coercive versus caring uses of the technology.” 

GenMobile study: Mobile workers prefer work from home over getting a pay raise

A new global survey commissioned by Aruba Networks asked respondents if they would prefer a 10% pay raise or be able to work from home two or three days a week. Over half (53%) would pick the work from home option. 

Airbnb’s HQ reflects brand in a brand new way

Check out Metropolis Magazine for a peek at the Airbnb Headquarters in San Francisco. 

London café “rents” workspace by the minute

Ziferblat is a new London café where mobile workers get all the free coffee or tea they want, plus complimentary snacks and wi-fi access, but pay by the minute for all the time spent there. The fee: 3p a minute, £1.80 an hour (about $3US). There’s no minimum.

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