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Future fit workplaces to attract/accommodate older workers

According to the members of SustainAbility’s Trends Intelligence Service, ofices are morphing into “Future Fit” workplaces, with an increasing number embracing “future fit practices” such as flexible working, increased investment in training and education, and adaptability to employees working until a late

Working from home increased during Northeast blizzard

High winds and whiteout conditions kept many Americans home from work during the “Blizzard of 2015.” The Harvard Business Review offices were closed on Tuesday, as were many others on the east coast. Many HBR editors worked from home, using instant messaging to collaborate, and wondered how many other people were doing the same.

Hoteling on the rise, survey finds

About a third of organizations have a workspace hoteling program in place and another third are considering it, according to a global survey from Asure Software. Asure conducted the survey to assess the prevalence of hoteling (a.k.a. agile working, desk sharing, and hot desking).

Trend #8: Your office will look like a library

The cube is out. The library-style workspace is in.

This week’s infographic: Coworking stats

This infographic from OfficeVibe reveals “11 incredible coworking statistics that will make you leave your cubicle.” We didn’t find the stats “incredible” but they are interesting. For example:

Top 100 companies with remote jobs

FlexJobs announced their list of the top 100 companies to watch for remote jobs in the year ahead. The list represents companies that had the most jobs posted with remote work options (a.k.a.

Many workers reluctant to call in sick, survey finds

As cold and flu stories continue to monopolize the news, a new survey reports that people are still trying to power through their daily life when ill.

Trend: Workplace metrics will be less about the numbers and more about connections

Dr. Michael O’Neill, a senior research strategist at Haworth, sees workplace planners and facility managers moving away from mere numbers when evaluating workplace effectiveness. The trend is more towards measuring the “gestalt of a space.”  

Job opening at Optimaze: Director of Marketing

Jyrki Kalavainen announces a job opportunity at Optimaze, Inc. Headquartered in San Francisco, Optimaze offers best practices and tools for corporate real estate management.

Teams that laugh together, perform better

For better team meetings, lighten up. A study of 54 teams in German industrial organizations found that teams that laughed together were rated as better performing by supervisors. 

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