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DWF offers garden shed offices for its lawyers

DWF, a London-based law firm, has added a unique offering to its list of benefits.  The firm is offering its lawyers the opportunity to buy miniature office sheds to place in their own gardens so they can work from home.

Flu news

111 million workdays are lost every year in the U.S. because of the seasonal flu. Based on research conducted in 2007, that translates into about $7 billion per year in sick days and lost productivity.

Workplace sing-along

Kate Lister penned new lyrics for the Joni Mitchell folk classic, “Both Sides Now,” to reflect workplace realities. You can find all the verses and the original song on the Work Design website. Here’s the first verse and the chorus:

Evolution of desktop technology

Students at Harvard’s Innovation Lab created a short video to demonstrate how the last 35 years of technology has “cleared the desktop.” Watch as physical items--cameras, calendars, fax machines and bulletin boards--are replaced by digital apps until the desktop has only three items left: a smartphone, a computer, and (oddly) a pair of su

Fed survey reports telework growth

Telework numbers were up slightly over last year according to the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey released last week.

Infographic: UK flexible working law explained

This summer, new legislation went into effect giving all UK employees the right to request flexible work.

New sustainability initiative: Project Drawdown

Today at the Greenbuild conference, author and entrepreneur Paul Hawken announced a new initiative, Project Drawdown.

Sixty percent of workers admit going to work with the flu

Staples just released its fifth annual Flu Season Survey and found that 60% of American workers say they go to work sick. This is a considerable drop from last year (nearly 90% of office workers worked sick in 2013) but it’s still significant. 

Employees who exercise help companies cut health care costs, study finds

A University of Michigan study analyzed the role of exercise on employees in a financial services company that had just started a workplace wellness program.

Design studio takes the movable office to a whole new level

Amsterdam-based Studio Heldergroen designed its office space to be highly flexible. At the end of the workday, steel cables hoist desktops, with their computers attached, into the ceiling. Chairs and cabinets are quickly rolled out of the way.

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